Video Production

We specialise in creating videos that promote positive change.

If you’re looking to raise funds, gain support or simply inspire your audience, we will guide you every step of the way. Whether you need a 90 second video for social media or a much longer, in depth documentary to showcase your organisation, we will provide our professional expertise and assist you in realising your vision.  

We prioritise an ethical approach to video production.

Being ethical in videography means making sure that the videos we create are honest, respectful, and helpful. This helps us create videos that people can trust and connect with. We apply this mindset to all aspects of production, from concept development, to working with participants, to style and tone. We value co-production, always making sure that everyone involved feels included in all decision-making, and feels represented in the final product. We believe this enables us to create impactful content, and will promote positive change.

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