Bristol Reconnect

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Bristol Reconnect is a membership based organisation for people who have faced the severe and multiple disadvantages of addictions, mental health issues, homelessness and/or imprisonment – often known as 'complex needs', and some allies who, together, want to:

  • make a positive contribution to the way services provide support to others facing these disadvantages, through creating and utilising opportunities for people with personal experience to be involved in the development and steering of these services.
  • give people with these experiences a voice and
  • create opportunities for our members to make positive contributions to the wider community

Bristol Reconnect also acts as a community of support for it's members, providing training, development, volunteering and employment opportunities. In offering this support we do not aim to replace support available from commissioned services. The focus of the support we provide is on helping our members to maximise their contribution to improving services, creating a voice and supporting our local community.